Why do we call it Joy Lane Music?

“Joy Lane is a real street and I would have lived there had my life worked out differently. Instead, as happens sometimes, life got in the way of me living on Joy Lane. But I am a stubborn girl and I believe that there’s always a way of giving life to your dreams.

So now Joy Lane is the name of this record company. But it is more than that. It is the street I go to in my head when I sit down to write music.  I mentally rent a house there.

I go there because it is a perfectly ordinary English street. The maisonette I rent in my mind when I write is ugly but practical. It suits me. I stand there hidden behind the lace curtains in the bedroom and I sing. But mentally renting a suburban space here does not mean I want to create wallpaper music. There’s more to it than that.

My house on Joy Lane has an infinite number of rooms.  Each room is a song. It starts off empty, a blank space, maybe a little window. that strange echo you get when the curtains haven’t gone up yet. I stand there, full of joy and expectation, clutching my colour samples, and I let my music decorate it. However I choose.  My music can create any room it wants to, from a moody teenage red room to a sunlight filled yellow room for drinking coffee in.  Truly I am the musical queen of DIY and I laugh when I put up a shelf that isn’t straight. There is so much joy in that. Joy Lane is the perfect creative space and all I have to do is turn up.

So do come and visit my mentally rented musical house. If there’s a room that suits you you could buy it as a song and then you can go there whenever you like. If you like the whole house please buy the album. Every bit of money that comes through this door goes back into the house so you could help me turn a mental maisonette into a mental mansion.

Or if you are a lost musician who wants to turn a hand to DIY then why not come and rent a house on Joy Lane. Leave your identity at the door. Wipe your shoes clean of the outside world. Walk in away from your day, your work, that little thing called life that gets in the way. Switch on the computer, plug in the guitar, sit at the piano, stand at the mic and create. It would be great if there was a whole street of us. A perfectly ordinary English street making perfectly extraordinary music. Why not? So if you want to move into the house next door get in touch. You are most welcome.”


You can contact Kah at kah@joylanemusic.com